Tinted Finish1

Tinted Finish

When the couple who own this house first moved in they noticed that the old polyurethane, although scratched and worn, still had a warm patina to it that they were keen to retain. So, they hired some bloke to sand the kitchen and dining room under the promise that he would blend it in to match up with the existing boards in the lounge and halls. The first two pictures are the result of what happened..... LOL. Oooh, my ribs. Stop it.

Once we composed ourselves, we got on with the task at hand. Which was to sand the entire floor back to bare timber then apply a combined Walnut/Jarrah stain into the polyurethane during each of the three coats.

As you browse through the pictures, you'll see that even though it's now a brand new floor it still has that soft glow that only an older floor would have, after say, a year or two, of exposure to the sun.

This was a very pleasing result and the owners loved it.

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