Stained Finish 4

The stain job featured here is the conclusion of a fairly full-on renovation done a year previously, in Carrum. If you haven't seen it already it can be checked out by clicking on the following link. Restoration 6.  Well worth a squiz.
What, I'm hoping you'll notice, whilst browsing through the pictures is the care shown as we perform this sort of work. Stain work can be messy in the wrong hands. But, in the right hands, it can be pleasure to observe and should please the most fastidious of clients.

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Staining of the boards has commenced

Once the entire floor has been stained and the polyurethane coatings applied we then cut it back

The cut back procedure leaves the floor smooth ready to apply the final coat

When coating a floor the edges are cut in with a brush whilst the rest is rolled on with a roller

Nice and neat and tidy 

Freshly rolled 2pac polyurethane which will take overnight to dry

Here you can see the gloss pop compared to the uncoated section of floor

Dark stained flooring really enhances the stone bench tops in the kitchen

The 2pac polyurethane is by far the hardest wearing floor coating on the market - bar none

A white stone kitchen. Dark stained Tasmanian Oak floor. Perfection.

Very rich and deep floor finish

It still amazes me how good these stained floors come up

A quick re cap. Tasmanian oak floor. Stained a dark brown. Finished with three coats of 2pac polyurethane

Good floor sanding can make or break a stained floor. It's the key to it all.

So happy to look at that, after all the work that went into making this a special floor.