Stained Finish 3

This one here is a brand new hardwood floor in, as you can probably see, a fairly high-end home (Same client as Stained Finish 2 ) 

The entire upstairs living space and staircase have been stained to create a very modern look. The actual colour used here changes dramatically, as the light conditions alter throughout the course of the day and evening. The colour is a darkish brown, but with a real hint of an aubergine - egg plant type colour infused throughout.  Essentially, the floor is brown during the daylight hours, but once night falls and the overhead lights kick in it really picks up the purplish tones. Quite clever actually. A bit like how Ayers Rock changes colour throughout the day.

All up, this is one outstanding job. And to be honest, the photo's just don't do it justice, as in the flesh it's a pretty awesome floor.

See the guy, with what looks like prosthetic legs staining the floor - that's me.

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