Stained Tasmanian Oak in Somers

"That is one killer floor."  Those were the words the proud owner of this water's edge home in Somers used as this job was completed.  However, I wasn't sure if he was referring to my good work, or to the price. I'm pretty sure it was the good work.

The house was built in the fifties and very little had been done to it in that time. Once the new owner got his hands on it everything was changed - for the better. Walls were gone, rooms remodeled & the house layout modernized to take in the awesome ocean and beach views.

Over the years the floors had copped a bollocking, there were many rust stains and watermarks that were never going to be sanded out. Luckily, the owner had already had his heart set on doing the floors in a dark stain, prior to the finishing coats. This completely masked any of the old stains & marks, leaving us with a contemporary looking floor.  The final finish was a Satin polyurethane, which is applied after the first two coats of Gloss. The difference between the Gloss and the Satin can be clearly seen in the final photographs.

.Take the time to check out the pictures below, as it really shows what a dramatic transformation staining can make to the overall look of your home. Well worth the effort, I reckon.

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