Tasmanian Oak Stained Medium Brown in Glen Iris

This was an interesting job, in the kitchen meals area an extension had been done several years earlier and the boards were laid in the opposite direction to the the rest of the house. The owners dearly wanted everything to flow as one, so we removed the floor facing the wrong way then rebuilt it so that it now runs with the rest of the rooms. Quite a job in it's self. 
Along with that room, we also had to remove particleboard from another room and the hallway and lay second-hand Tasmanian Oak to match up with the boards in the kitchen. Phew! Big work.

With the repairs and replacements out of the way the next phase was to super fine sand the boards, then apply a lovely light(ish) brown stain over the boards prior to the three coats of polyurethane finish.

The following photos pretty much outline the work that was under taken and the results that were achieved.

This was to us a special job as we had the pleasure of working for two of the nicest people we've met - which certainly makes the working day something to look forward to. The only obvious flaw was the fact he was an Essendon supporter. Why, oh why? I ask.

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About to pull out the old floor

Old boards are out
Boards up and re building the sub-floor
New second-hand boards laid ready to sand
Laying second-hand boards in the hallway
Second-hand boards going down

Some stain samples

The very first run of stain

Beautiful grain

All stained ready to clear finish

Ready to apply the coatings

With the first coat of clear applied
The grain is starting to pop

The mask gives the camera something to focus on

Now for the final coat

Final coat settling down

The difference between the old and new

Sensational finish

So happy with the evenness of the stain

Still happy with the stain and the finish
Look, a throne

Wonderful grain

Up close...smooth as

This floor dried to a Matt finish

There, another fine stain job completed