Stained Finish 1

What we have here is a 50 year old Tasmanian Oak floor, who's new owner wanted it to be stained a reddish - brownish colour. (You're right, perhaps that is a little ambiguous). Anyway, in we came and fine sanded the boards ready for the stain to be applied.

Because both the stain and the polyurethane make the grain of the timber stand up it feels quite rough, something along the lines of wearing Hessian underwear I'd imagine.  Now we just simply roll the second coat of two pac polyurethane straight over the top of the first, without any sanding, this eliminates the chance of us cutting through into the stained boards. Once the second coat is dry the floors are cut back with a abrasive screen (looks a bit like flywire)  This leaves us with a silky, smooth surface ready for vacuuming, and then, the application of the final coat. 

As you browse through the pictures, you will get a real good indication of just how much depth each coat of polyurethane adds to the floor, considering how flat and dull it is once the stain has dried.

I thought this was an excellent stain job. The colour is easy on the eye and the grain of the timber just popped out magnificently as the final coat was rolled on. Both myself and the home owner loved it.

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