Liming White on Radiata Pine

Liming White on Pine

Here is a particularly amazing white stained Radiata Pine floor in Mt Eliza.

It was a pretty badly beat up looking floor  - one of the worst I'd seen in some time. As you'd expect it took a fair bit of sanding to make it look like anything decent before we even started with the Liming process.

Once we were satisfied with the sanding we applied the white stain in small sections to eliminate stop marks and lap lines, to provide an even colour throughout.

with the boards now stained we then applied three coats of the finest 2 Pac polyurethane, to give the floors maximum protection.

The home owners here opted for a high gloss finish which surprised me as to just how good it looked, as in most cases we finish these Limed floors in a matte finish.

Radiata Pine
Limed white
2 Pac polyurethane
High gloss