Limed Tasmanian Oak - Mt Martha

Limed White Tasmanian Oak

As with all our floor staining efforts the boards are coloured in strips of three to four boards wide along the entire length, this helps prevent overlap marks leaving a nice even finish. This is even more critical with the limed floors as the white is a very powerful colour and can very easily show up any overlaps, or so than with a dark floor.
This floor here is select grade Tasmanian Oak floor, meaning it has very few sap lines, knots or flaws of any type. Select grade Tasmanian Oak flooring is such a pleasure to work with and takes the sanding and polishing process wonderfully. Some people find the select grade flooring to be a bit boring, much preferring the variation found in feature grade, I like 'em both, but it's so nice to do a select grade one from time-to-time just to remind myself how good they are.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote simply hit EMAIL and we can go from there. Clint. 

White Stained Floor
The first run of stain has been applied

white tasmanina oak floor
Starting to take shape now. Only one run left here.

Liming white floors melbourne
Looking across the room with it all limed.

white stained floors
The kitchen just pops against the white flooring

white floors frankston
The very last run of stain.

White liming floors
The first coat of 2pac polyurethane is applied

white tasmanian Oak floors
The 2pac polyurethane gives the best protection

white tasmanian oak flooring
The 2pac allows the grain to be seen through the stain

liming white floors
Nice bit of floor sanding work *wink wink* (*_~)

liming white tasmanian oak mt eliza

liming whit tasmanian oak mornington
This floor and this kitchen go well together.

liming white floors cheltenham
The final coat going on wet n' shiny, then once it dried it became a matte finish

liming white floors frankston
Just enough light 'n' shade to make it interesting