White Floors

Liming, or staining floors white prior to applying the clear coatings is quite popular and we get a fair bit of call for this sort of thing. The process is identical to staining a floor, say, a walnut brown colour 'cept we're doing it white.

Funny enough, the white is a very powerful colour and hides many blemishes that may be in an old floor and therefore makes a pleasant option if you're looking to brighten up a home, rather than trying to make a floor darker.

There are a few different jobs here to browse over to give you a clear picture of what's possible. As it can look great on a Hardwood floor or a Pine floor making it a good all 'round alternative to just a clear finish. The lower sheen finishes look best on these floors, like a matte or a satin finish - although most of the pictures on this page show the boards while they are still wet and shiny...but you still get the picture of what to expect.

If you have any questions, or need a quote simply send through an EMAIL and I'll do my best to help. Clint.

Limed Floor Mt Martha

Limed Tasmanian Oak FloorThis is a beautiful example of how nice a Limed floor can look, and when coupled with the bold teal look the owners chose for their new kitchen it was outstanding.

Learn more about this floor..... HERE

White Radiata Pine

Limed white pine floor in Mt Eliza

Radiata Pine takes to the staining process really well, and liming white brilliantly.

This was one rugged floor which was completely transformed into a showpiece, with the white turning it into something amazing.

Clicking on the photo above will show you how it all unfolded.