There are several distinctly different ways to alter the colour of your timber floor.

The first is to directly stain the bare timber to your desired colour. This method provides the most dramatic transformation for your home.  It gives both you, and I, the greatest amount of control as to what colour to have on the floor and how opaque or transparent we wish the stain to be. We can pretty much make the floor any colour you wish. It's all up to your imagination.

The second method is to simply add some stain in with the polyurethane as we apply it to the boards. This can create a pleasing effect and gives the floor much more depth than a clear coat alone can achieve. However, it is quite limiting as to how dark, deep, or what colours can be utilized. The
tinting method can be used to create an aged effect on new, light coloured boards with beautiful results.

There is a third method of completely changing the colour of your floor boards. This method requires that you use your lounge room floor as a dog whelping box, for say, a few Rottweiler's. Once the adults and puppies have piddled everywhere for a year or so, the floor develops a magnificent, natural dark tone. However, most of us don't have the sort of time, or dedication required to effect this sort of transformation.

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Staining Timber Floors

Staining a Tasmanian Oak Floor
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There are several different ways to stain a timber floor. Some floor sanders like to apply the stain with a buffing machine, others like to dilute the stain with a thinners and roll it on, whereas another method is to put the stain on with a trowel. Each of these methods have their pro's and con's...our preferred method is to put the full-strength stain down with a pad and wipe off and blend in any excess.

The wipe on - wipe off method gives us most depth of stain we're looking for, and helps us to keep the colour even throughout the entire job.

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White Floors

Liming White Tasmanian Oak floor

Staining floors white is a terrific alternative to the usual browns and reds. The white covers most blemishes and offers a great look that works with any decor.

To check out some white flooring click on the above photo.

Tinting Floors

Staining a Victorian Ash floor

The tinting process involves adding some stain to the first couple of coats of polyurethane to enrich the depth of the coatings. The tinting of floors is particularly helpful when trying to match in some new boards with an existing floor, as it just takes away that brand newness, giving the boards a bit of an aged patina.

To get a bit of an idea of what goes into tinting a floor click on the picture above...