Steps & Stairs 1

This here, is a brand new staircase in a new home, yet strangely enough the builder does not include the staining & finishing as part of the deal. So, I had to do this set of stairs after all of the carpets were fitted and the painting finished. Well... it's not like staircase's are challenging enough without the added burden of a fully completed house.

Anyway, despite my moaning & complaining, I think you'll find that it's a pretty good result. The colour match up with the shutters was spot on and I managed not to get polyurethane anywhere where it shouldn't of been.

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First bit of stain on the strings

The stain on these stairs was to tie in with the window shutters

All of the fiddly bits have to be done first to make the job flow properly

Once all the small stuff is done we then...

With the stain dry, we now do the even harder task of applying  the clear finish

Close up of the rails

A couple of coats of polyurethane have been applied at this stage

Another close up of it all

Carefully staining the frame work

The first step is under way

A fair bit of brain power goes into working out where to stain first...and last.

Move onto staining the risers and steps

Coming down the stairs bit by bit

Again a close up of the rails and a post

Looking down from the top.

Here the steps have been cut back and the final coat is being applied