Spotted Gum - Langwarrin - Gloss


This Spotted Gum is a fifteen millimetre overlay floor, glued and secret nailed over particle board.  With this particular job there were several hallways where the boards run across the hall - rather than down the hall, which looks grouse if it's done well.  But, if on the other hand the sanding's not all that good it will look terrible.  

So, as you can see I'm pretty proud of how well it came up, particularly with the light coming in through the front door which would show up every lump, bump, wave or mistake. Natural light, let me tell you, is pretty unforgiving when it comes to sanding floors, 'specially when you have to go across the grain like I did here.

All up, an excellent example of some beautiful dark grained Spotted Gum coated in two pac polyurethane.

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