Sanding & Polishing a Radiata Pine in Frankston, with a Gloss Finish.

This floor here is a pretty typical Radiata Pine floor found throughout the Frankston, Mt Eliza area from houses built in the late 70s early 80s. 

As the pics show, in most of the high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, the floor paint had worn through, making it as ugly as sin. So, in we came with our sanding machines and got stuck into it....Once the ugly was sanded out of the boards, the Radiata Pine was then coated with the finest 2pac polyurethane to bring out the grain, along with offering the very best in durability. You'd have to be very happy with that.
If you're looking to have your own floor boards sanded and finished, well, it's pretty easy - you could either send through an EMAIL or send a text to 0419 382 567 or, perhaps, even make a telephone call and we'll do our best to help.
Clint- the floor guru
This Radiata Pine floor here in Frankston had spent most of 
it's life painted red.

The paint didn't really hold up that well - particularly given
it hadn't been coated with any polyurethane.

The bedrooms had raw Pine floors which had never been 
sanded and were under carpet

A lot of the floors we sand and polish are littered with paint
stains and spills from when the house was built. It all disappears.

The first coat of polyurethane is applied highlighting the knots
and grain which is a feature of Radiata Pine floors

Radiata Pine floors really pop when coated with a quality
2pac polyurethane.

Some of the knots in Pine floors are quite freaky, like this
little fellow here. What can you see?

Having the Radiata Pine sanded and polished not only makes it
strong it also looks great and goes with most decor styles.

The most popular floors we sand and polish are kitchen floors.
It's easy to clean spills and any cooking grease to maintain the 
good looks.

 Radiata Pine floors, when properly sanded and polished look 
great and hold up to the demands of home life.

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