Ironbark in Mordialloc

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This Ironbark floor is one of the stand out features in this gorgeous water front home in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Mordialloc.

The floor had shrank somewhat over the past 12 years since it was laid, leaving it with many gaps between the boards, which, to be honest, wasn't at all surprising given the intensity of the sun that screams in through those full length windows on a daily basis.
We filled the gaps during the sanding and finishing process to give it a much more even appearance. Before we filled the gaps it sorta' looked a bit like a deck, with a space between each and every board.

Once all the sanding and preparation work was completed, we finished the floor in high gloss two pac polyurethane which our home owners simply love and insisted upon.

As I'm sure, you can see in the pictures, with Ironbark being one of our hardest timbers and then coupled with the very best of two pac polyurethane, this lucky couple have one of the toughest, best looking floors in the street. And, trust me, it's a long street.

Thinking of getting an Ironbark floor? I reckon it's a great Idea - tough to live on, and fabulous to look at....'specially when done right.