IRONBARK in Edithvale


This rather beautiful Ironbark floor is the main outstanding feature in this waterfront house in the bayside suburb of Edithvale. 

The floor has been sanded to a super fine finish prior to having two coats of 2pac polyurethane applied to provide the very best in protection. 
The final coat is a matte finish to help tone it down a little particularly in the afternoon when the sun comes streaming in in straight off the bay.

All up a stunning floor and one that will stay looking great for a very long time.

Thanks for checking it out.

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The first coat brings out the magic of the colours

2Pac polyurethane offers unrivalled protection

The Ironbark floor has been sanded to a super fine finish

Ironbark flooring is perfect in a kitchen

With the two coats of 2Pac now applied

The final coat was a beautiful matte finish

The matte finish allows you to look at each individual board

A great example of floor sanding