BALTIC PINE in Hampton

Restoration of Baltic Pine - Hampton

What we have here is pretty much typical of a 70 to 80 year old homes currently being renovated in the Bayside area. This particular house is in Hampton.

When we came to sand and polish these good looking old Baltic Pine boards we had a few repairs to effect before the sanding and polishing could get under way. 

Firstly, in the first picture you can see where a wall must of been and had been patched up pretty averagely, so we made a big hole and replaced it with second hand Baltic, to try, as best we could, to make an invisible repair.

Secondly, there was an ugly section where a fireplace had been removed leaving a slab of concrete to be jack hammered out. Again, reclaimed Baltic Pine boards were fitted in to make it all disappear.

With the repairs done we now got stuck into the fine sanding and as you can see from the photographs, it sanded and polished up a treat. 

These old Baltic Pine floors have sanded up beautifully - so, if you happen to have some old Baltic Pine lurking under your carpet, I'm pretty certain yours can become something special too.

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Have a great day.

Baltic Pine floor in Hampton VIC
Mr T

Replacing old Baltic Pine Floor boards

Repairing an old Baltic Pine Floor
Gearing up to smash out the old fire place hearth
This shows how large a hole is needed to fix the problem in the first picture
 Laying the reclaimed Baltic Pine

Floor Repairs, Sanding & Polishing in Hampton VIC
Concrete from where an old fire place sat

Floor Board Repairs on an old Baltic Pine Floor
A hole

Ready to fill in with recycled Baltic Pine

Repairing the old Baltic Pine floor
Just about ready to start putting in the recycled Baltic Pine

Second Hand Baltic Pine flooring
The first few have been laid

Floor Sanding getting under way on the Baltic Pine
Sanding the old Baltic Pine ready for coating

Floor polishing getting started
With the fine sanding finished the two pac polyurethane is applied

Repaired and sanded Baltic Pine flooring
Where the old fire place was has come up very well.

Polished Baltic Pine floor boards
Quite a neat repair job

Baltic Pine floor sanding & polishing

Baltic Pine with a two pac finish

Sanding and polishing old Baltic Pine floors in Hampton VIC

Baltic Pine in Hampton VIC
Nice floor, eh?

Baltic Pine floor in Hampton VIC
The second hand Baltic Pine has blended in perfectly

Baltic Pine floor in Hampton VIC

Baltic Pine sanded and polished

Sanded and Polished Baltic Pine floor boards
The colour of old Baltic Pine takes years to reach this sort of depth

Baltic Pine floor by Clint Fudge Floor Sanding
A great example of how nice old Baltic Pine can look