BALTIC PINE in Caulfield

Baltic Pine in Caulfield

The kitchen section of this Baltic Pine floor was cactus. Which is often the case with these older floors in the Caulfield area.  
Someone, at some stage, had sanded and coated it but it was still as rough as Hessian Undies, so the only choice was to remove the offending boards and replace them with second-hand Baltic. Along with re-sanding and polishing the rest of the house as well as the repaired area.

All up it turned out to be a brilliant floor, the 3 coats of two pac polyurethane finish was superb and completely brought the house to life.
Especially pleasing was the repaired section in the kitchen where the replacement boards blended in perfectly.

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Water damaged Baltic Pine floor

Out comes the old damaged Baltic Pine

Got a good looking hole ready to lay the second-hand boards

Our delivery of second-hand Baltic Pine has arrived

The floor boards have been finger jointed into the hole

With the sanding of the Baltic under way we are very relieved... see that the boards match up colour wise perfectly

Once fine sanded they were finished with 3 coats of 2pac polyurethane

This is a pretty good example of an old Baltic Pine floor

The repaired boards have come up a treat

Can barely tell the difference between the old and new Baltic

Baltic Pine floor in Caulfield