Repairing Old Baltic Pine Flooring

Baltic Pine represents some of the biggest challenges to the flooring industry - it's mostly old, covered in a heavy, dark, tar-like substance called Black Japan. As if that wasn't bad enough it's often in need of repairs due to borer, termites, water damage and structural damage due to past renovation efforts,
Adding to that we also have to deal with massive amounts of old staples and tacks from carpet and underlays, from years gone by. 

I know a lot of sanders are not too keen to tackle this sort of work and often I think to myself "you know, I reckon these blokes might be a bit smarter than me" 

Having said that, you'll be pleased to note that we do enjoy the challenge and every effort is made to restore them using second hand timber, great sanding and finishing practices along with staining to tie in older and newer sections, as best we can.

The following sets of pictures show some fine Baltic Pine floors we've recently restored. This may help give you confidence with your own floors if you're considering having them restored, sanded and finished.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Baltic Pine Restored - Frankston

This old Baltic Pine floor was found under the carpet of this 100+ year old beach side home in Frankston. Walls had been removed and all sorts of butchery had taken place - in short it was horrible.

Clicking on the picture will show you how it all transformed.


Baltic Pine - Hampton

Baltic Pine floor sanding & polishing Hampton VIC
Big repairs were undertaken here along with the removal of an old fireplace to create the look the owners were going for.
A tough gig.

To see how it all went click on the picture above.

Baltic Pine Restoration - Caulfield

This was a rugged one, with many sections requiring some repairs, but mainly it was the kitchen where the old Baltic had copped a hiding from water damage.

To see how it all came together click on the picture above.

Baltic Pine - Frankston South

This was a narrow board Baltic Pine located in Frankston South, which was covered in blue paint which someone in the past thought was a cool and trendy way to dress up the old house.
Fortunately, it sanded off without too much drama and underneath was a fine looking Baltic of around 80 years old. The boards were then finished with three coats of the very hardest of 2Pac polyurethane to give them the best in protection and looks.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the job to show how it all unfolded.