Tasmanian Oak in Karingal

Tasmanian Oak in Frankston

Another fine example of a home built in the 60s featuring Tasmanian Oak boards. 

This Frankston home had been first sanded when the place was built, then later covered with carpet and tiles. 40 years later up comes all the floor coverings and back to the boards, we go.

Once the sanding was performed they were then coated with the very best of 2pac polyurethane, which was the ideal as the place was to be used as a rental property and an easy care floor finish is required.

All of the old glue, paint, and whatnot has easily sanded off the 
boards without a problem

Leaving us with a beautiful, hard-wearing kitchen floor

The old laundry had copped a floggin' over the years

Now it's all neat n' tidy with an easy clean surface.

The bedrooms had never been sanded just covered with 
carpet from day one

With some fine floor sanding, the grain of the 
Tasmanian Oak is now a feature

The hallway had copped a lot of water over the 
years and was badly stained

After 40 odd years of water marks, it bounced back wonderfully 

The light bouncing off the 2 pac gives us a beautiful 
Tasmanian Oak floor that anyone would be proud to live on