Tasmanian Oak - High Gloss - Mt Eliza


Tasmanian Oak in Mt Eliza

The Tasmanian Oak floor featured here is in an old house that started life as a weekender/beach house. As time has worn on, bits have been added to the place to increase it's size and modernize it for every day living.

The original boards are absolutely as good as they come. To be honest, this is one of the highest quality examples of Tasmanian Oak I've seen. However, the thin line going laterally across the room I can't tell you about. Truth is, I'm clueless as to why it's even there. I can tell you that the timber either side of the thin line is original and was laid at the same time, but, as to why the thin strip is there? I dunno??

To the rear of the room, a small add on has been implemented, however, the builder (against my sterling advice) went ahead and laid brand new flooring which sort of stands out like a pair of dog's thumbs against the existing richer coloured, older boards.

This floor has been finished with three coats of Wattyl 7008 two pac polyurethane, which, given the fact, that you walk straight into this room from both the back and front doors was the smartest finish to use. Not only does it look outstanding, but it will hold up with the high volume of traffic coming directly from the outside through those doors.


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