Tasmanian Oak in Frankston - High Gloss

This here is a particularly beautiful Tasmanian Oak floor which I had already sanded some fifteen years earlier, and since the homeowners had recently put in a new kitchen and replaced a couple of boards it was now time for a complete re-sand.

In a few of the photo's, you can see some very thick white putty that needed to be picked out from between the boards.  This is the older style Linseed Oil based filler that we used to use, which looked pretty good when it was first packed into the gaps and nail holes, but, over time, it completely loses it's colour and ends up white. 

Nowadays, you'll be pleased to note, that we use a water based filler from Timbermate. This Timbermate putty is much more user-friendly, comes in several colours, is less prone to shrinkage and cracking and is excellent to sand and finish. Most importantly, it retains it's colour forever.

As you browse these photo's, check out the awesome colour combination the homeowners used on their lounge wall around the fireplace. I don't think I've quite seen a paint colour pick up the floor boards as well as this one. Sensational.


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