An Assortment of Tasmanian Oak Floors

With Tasmanian Oak being the most prolific timber used for flooring in Victoria, it stands to reason that it's the flooring species we have the most photographs of. 

Below are several thumbnails showing many jobs we have completed over the years. By clicking on the link provided with each picture you will then be taken to that particular floor where we do our best to outline some before, during and after shots. 

Our aim here is to give you some idea just how good your own Tasmanian Oak floor can come up, irrespective of it's current condition. 

Enjoy your browsing, Clint. 

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Tasmanian Oak High Gloss in Langwarrin

This is a magnificent example of a well laid Tasmanian Oak floor. It was put down when the house was built some 15 years earlier, and to the builders credit it hasn't moved a millimeter in that time.

We were called in to totally re-sand it after a very heavy, steel-wheeled trolley had been wheeled all over it leaving dents in the timber.

We performed our usual superfine sanding, following up with three coats of Polycure 2 Pac polyurethane, to give it both the very best of bling  and the hardest wearing finish on the market.

All up a magnificent floor.
Tasmanian Oak floor in High Gloss

If you wish to check out the entire job simply click on the picture. Totally worth a look.

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