Glue Removal 3

In this house there had been lino tiles glued straight onto the boards.  The owner had ripped them up, only to find this debacle underneath, which is, namely, one fugly looking floor.  With lines from where the tiles were and glue everywhere.

So, here's what happened. The owner rings me and say's that he want's to surprise his missus whilst she's away. I tell him "Fine, be in bed with another woman when she gets back - that ought to do the trick".  He laughs - and I got the job. And, the job of course, was to clean up this mess. 

Initially, I thought it might of been too far gone and the stains too deep, but to both my delight and theirs it cleaned up beautifully. For that reason I think it's important that even if you have an average looking floor it's still worth getting someone in to at least check it out for you, as you never know it might just bounce back as fine as this one did.

Well, as you can see it's a good looking floor and the guy's wife was pleasantly surprised. Of course, with the floor now looking the goods the kitchen just had to be replaced. So, the very last bunch of photo's are from when the couple removed the old, original kitchen and put in a brand spanking new one, which had a completely different footprint to the original.  Therefore, the kitchen floor needed to be re-sanded & finished again.

All up, a very satisfying result for all concerned.

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