Tasmanian Oak - Restoration - Malvern

Restoration in Malvern

Another interesting job here. This one was a 22mm thick Tasmanian Oak floor which makes finding the replacement boards just that little bit more difficult to find and that little bit more expensive to pay for. However, they were found and they were purchased.

Some time ago the entire floor had been jacked up and popped off the joists so that new joists could be fitted. this created an additional row of nails along where each joist was, so there was twice the punching and twice the filling that you would expect even for a house of this vintage.

The study and rear hallway were both damaged from previous trades needing to get under the house, which once again, is not uncommon in older properties. A part of the hallway was removed, whilst the entire study floor was ripped out and replaced with second-hand boards.  Along the way, as the sanding got going, many other boards were found that had to be removed also.

Adding to the degree of difficulty is the fact that everything had just recently been freshly painted, in white no less, including quad around the entire perimeter of the floor which is really easy to mark and damage if all care isn't taken to ensure that it isn't.

Anyway, we will let the pictures do the talking as the transformation from start to finish is an extremely satisfying one. And, once again, we came away knowing that our customers were very happy with not only the end results, but with our endeavour to achieve those results. All up, a wonderful customer to tradesmen relationship. Awesome, eh?

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The study floor was cactus so it all had to go.

Removing the old nails..not having a slash as it may appear.

Hallway with the damaged boards being removed

Carefully cutting the replacement boards to length.

A couple of wormy looking boards that had to go.

Beginning to clean up the mess from the repairs.

Cleverly sanding up to the painted quad leaving it unmarked

The new second-hand study floor. First coat.

First coat of two pack being applied

First coat of two pack polyurethane

Through into the dining room.

Getting ready to do a 'cut back'

This is after two coats ready to cut back

Grouse looking lounge room.

Filling a couple of small holes before cutting back the floor.

The trusty polisher/sander

Before applying the final coat

The micro fiber mop helps remove fine dust.

The last coat going down

Last coat still very wet.

Final coat is just being rolled on.

Notice the walls and skirts have no marks and damage  


Starting to come together now.

Final coat in the hallway

Last coat of two pack polyurethane

Final coat of gloss still very wet.