Floor Restoration Carrum - Tasmanian Oak - Dark Stain - Satin Finish

Floor Restoration Carrum

This here is an amazing job, where half of the back side of the house had chipboard and the rest of the place had 133mm wide Tasmanian Oak floor boards. 
The owners ripped out the chipboard, then we came in and finger joined second-hand Tasmanian Oak boards into the existing floor.

It was a big and tricky job making sure it all lined up and looked the goods...which of course it did, eventually.

Once the floor was re-built we then 'Super Fine' sanded the boards before applying a dark stain prior to the three coats of polyurethane - the last one being a satin finish.

It's such a satisfying achievement pulling off a gig like this. The young couple who had just bought the place were over the moon. Always a good thing.