Floor Restoration Chelsea - Tasmanian Oak - 2pac Finish

Restoration Chelsea

We come across this sort of thing a lot, where an extension has been added on, but rather than match up to the existing Tasmanian Oak it's cheaper and quicker to just use Pine, in a straight line, particularly as it won't be seen under carpet.

However, this couple as soon as they bought the place wanted polished floors throughout, so up come the carpet and out came the Pine, we then cut into the existing Tasmanian Oak boards to make it an invisible repair. By sourcing second-hand boards of around the same size and age we were able to blend them in perfectly.

Once the carpentry work was completed the sanding commenced, with the floors being coated with 2pac polyurethane to give them the best in both durability and good looks. 

Out comes the Pine

The cuts are done in a staggered fashion

The second-hand Tasmanian Oak is all cut to length

Shoehorning in the Tasmanian Oak boards

The first bit of sanding shows how well it matched up

All the rough sanding is done ready for the fine stuff

Just about to cut it back

About to cut it back after the first two coats of 2pac

This 133mm wide hardwood flooring - very popular