Floor Restoration Wheelers Hill - Tasmanian Oak - 2pac Finish


Restoration Wheelers Hill

Can you picture this......You know that you have a reasonably good Tasmanian Oak floor under your carpet, cause you've seen it in other rooms throughout the house.  But, what you don't know, is that the room at the back of the house is actually an extension. An extension that was done before you moved in some twenty odd years ago.

The only way you find out that it's an extension is when you start removing the carpet on the weekend, ready for the floor sander (me) to start on Monday.  Much to your horror and disbelief half of the room is Tasmanian Oak and the other half is Radiata Pine....  
This is exactly what happened to this couple as they were preparing to have their floors polished.

So, what to do?

Well, we could have stained the entire room a dark brown - almost black colour, to hide the colour difference between the two timber species, but, this would have hidden the colour, but not the grain patterns and the knots that the Pine is renowned for. So, that idea was out. Particularly given the fact that the lady of the house had her heart set on that beautiful natural colour which Tasmanian Oak has when coated with 2pac polyurethane.

So, on to the next idea.  The final and best option was to remove the Pine section and replace it with second-hand Tassie Oak boards of the same size, age and tongue and groove profile.

As you can see, it's a fairly tricky undertaking, as not only are the boards replaced, they are also inter-laced into the existing floor, to give the appearance that it was all part of the original house.

From the following pictures you can see that it all blended in very well.

The home owners were absolutely delighted with the end result, which, of course, is the most important bit. 

Got a floor board problem?  We can help. Simply send off an EMAIL and we'll do our best to sort it out.

The Pine is being pulled out.

With the second-hand Tasmanian Oak going in

Ready to begin sanding

Most of the fine sanding work is done

The first coat, a fast drying sealer is being applied

Starting to take shape now.

The second-hand flooring we sourced looks excellent

You'd never know that we swapped the Radiator Pine with Tasmanian Oak

The Second-hand Tasmanian Oak flooring blended in brilliantly

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