Restoration 1

With this particular floor, we came in pretty much before everything was beginning to even look like being finished. The skirts were off, the kitchen removed, there was also new unpainted plaster and no doors.
Because a couple of walls had been removed it left a gaping hole where the original ducted heating intake was, plus there were missing sections from the removal of the walls.  Along with that, part of what the owners wanted, was to make it appear that the replacement boards ran under the existing staircase, giving it the look that it had always been built this way since the beginning.
As usual, we sourced out local recycled boards in as close a colour as possible and in the same thickness and width. Then we carefully removed the old boards in a staggered fashion ready to shoe-horn in the secondhand boards. Once the repairs were done, we fuc, er, I mean we....   buzzed off for a few months while the rest of the renovation work took place.
When we came back to do the sanding & polishing the kitchen had already been fitted and the skirts applied, along with a fresh paint job - which was all over the joint. The floor around the edges was covered in a thick layer of paint, which is probably not the ideal scenario for fine sanding a floor. However, we were able to skillfully remove the paint on the floor right up to the skirting board - without doing any damage to the skirting.  So, in light of that, if your own floor has paint around the edges after the skirting's have been painted you can rest assured that we will be able to sand off the offending paint, without destroying the new finish on the skirting boards.  I've added a few pictures of where the paint was removed from around the edges to give you some idea just how good it can look.
This floor has been finished in two pac polyurethane, which provides the most durable, good looking surface possible.  Given that this will be the busiest living zone in the house, the hardest wearing coatings are a necessity.


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The highly technical skill of making a hole

All out. Just need to pop in a couple of new joists

Close up of the boards going in

Making some serious progress now


New kitchen over the repaired boards

The two pac coatings have began

Here is a bit of a look at the paint mess

The paint has been removed with out causing any damage

Ready to be coated



Chiselling out level with the steps

Starting to lay the second-hand boards

A not so close up of the boards going in

All in and the rough sanding has began

New kitchen has been fitted

Floor has been rough sanded

Two pac gloss finish

Big thick layer of paint around the edges

See, nice and clean and smooth

The first coat of two pac going down