Basic Timber Floor Repairs

Floor Board Replacement

Well.....What a job this was. The owners were away. The key was hidden for us. We let ourselves in. And there it was, three great mounds of dog shit. After a couple of short, sharp, breathes two thoughts came to mind. Either push the offending turds down the ducted heating vents, or call the owners and have someone remove them. Being the kind, warm hearted, professional that I am I chose to call the owners - along with a photo from my phone. May as well ruin their breakfast too, I figured.

Anyway, to the job at hand............. 

This type of repair is what we do a lot of.  In the lounge they decided to remove two small walls that defined the old entry hall from the lounge room. Thus making the lounge room appear much bigger. After the walls were removed the builder had just put in piece of timber going laterally across from the rest of the floor. Not a brilliant look.

So, in we came and removed some sections of the flooring in a staggered fashion - to hopefully create an almost invisible repair.  Secondhand boards are used as replacements giving us the greatest chance of matching up the age, profile and colour of the existing flooring. 

With the boards now fitted, the floor is sanded back to bare timber and completely re-coated with two pac polyurethane. 

As you'll see in the pictures, it's quite fiddly work and the boards don't exactly jump in of their own accord, to the point they have to be planed, chiseled and manipulated in to the holes I've cut out. The extra work is well worth it as the better the fit the less noticeable the repair, which of course, only adds more value to your home.

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